The Recital: Short Shots vs. Parental Love

Recently I was asked to shoot the piano recital of my friend’s seven-year-old. Her total performance time (including walking on stage, playing, and bowing and exiting) was just about 2 minutes. I get your advice about short shots, but how can you tell parents …(Read the rest)

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Chuck It and Try Something Else

Along with my partners at Redtail Media, I just completed a series of videos for the new Anchor Brewing website.  They’re the folks who brew Anchor Steam Beer.  To tell the story of their Bock Beer, we decided to bring a goat to the …(Read the rest)

Can You have Video without Story?

This is james in the Bay Area. I recently bought your book. I appreciate your approach of putting many filmmaking concepts in smaller ‘chunks’ to understand. I consider myself a serious amatuer/semi-pro videographer/filmmaker and enjoy the technical side of dSLR technology. My interest seems to …(Read the rest)

Miraculous Video Cure! Man’s Video Stops Sucking!

This is only the second video I’ve ever produced, and the first video after reading your book. The video was shot entirely on a GoPro Hero. I think its apparent, especially to a trained eye, that I’m not using expensive equipment. But I …(Read the rest)

10 Things Bloggers Need to Know about Video

Blogworld and New Media Expo rolls into the Los Angeles Convention Center November 3-5 for an exciting weekend that I understand is being filmed for “Nerdy Introverts Gone Wild” on Spike.  Or maybe not. If you’re a blogger interested in using more …(Read the rest)

Generic Animation: Another Toy You Don’t Need

In a Facebook thread last week after my seminar one person bemoaned the expense of shooting live action. “Maybe post production animation is cheaper?” he wondered. Someone else jumped in and recommended– a place you can get very inexpensive (sometimes …(Read the rest)

Blogworld: the happiest place on earth!

Oh, wait. Maybe that’s “Disney World”. No matter. For three days, Blogworld and New Media Expo will be the happiest place on earth as thousands of bloggers pack the Los Angeles Convention Center November 3-5 for an uncharacteristic weekend of extroversion …(Read the rest)