Five Tips to Deal with Reviews and Reviewers

Part II of II.  Read Part I here. Every artist faces critics.  And every artist faces choices about how to deal with them. Some claim to never read their reviews (Show of hands if you believe them.  Nobody?)  Others wallow in …(Read the rest)

How to Deal with Disappointing Reviews, Part 1

I’ve been a really crap video interviewer over recent months– shooting live at events, editing and uploading to YouTube same day– with no previous experience (‘always bite off more than you can chew’ is my motto.)  But here’s the question: How …(Read the rest)

Why Knowing “Why” makes Better Video

I’m an author who’d like to shoot promotional videos for YouTube marketing purposes How do I put together a video of my books using just stock footage? Eventually, I’d like to put out a casting call on my local Craig’s List, …(Read the rest)

The Value of Checklists (even if you’re not drinking)

I’m traveling the country this summer with the cast and crew of our new show “Brew Dogs” (coming to the new Esquire Network on September 24– the network debuts on September 23 where G4 is now on your cable or satellite.) …(Read the rest)

Why Some Critiques Suck: The Myth of “Brutal Honesty”

I have been an amateur photographer for ten years, and I have been through the critiquing process many times. I have paid professional photographers to critique my photography, always with the request that they be brutally honest in their observations and …(Read the rest)