Limited Resources for Shooting Video

I am an absolute video newbie and am now filming my Church’s small service on Sundays. I have a basic camcorder, but our resources are few.  There is lots of movement and many things/events happening unexpectedly that are important to capture. …(Read the rest)

What Video Editing Software Should I Buy?

I heard you on Lex and Terry and thought I’d check out your site. I just bought an HD camcorder and will be editing a 5 minute, short film. What editing software do you suggest? –Anthony Abbate There are two kinds of people …(Read the rest)

Keep Your Video Short: 12 Tips to Keep Your Video from Sucking (#10)

“Keep Your Video Short” is number 10 in a series of 12 video tips to improve your video instantly. When it comes to video, the old show-business expression “Always leave them wanting more” applies. Anything worth saying in video is worth saying …(Read the rest)