Tricks to Storify Your Travel Video

I shoot videos and landscapes when I travel overseas. Obviously, I cannot shoot to a script or have much of a plan, since this is an unplanned vacation. How would I construct a story from random scenes in Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Budapest, etc?  Usually I end …(Read the rest)

Making Interview Videos That Hold Their Attention

I made a recent job shift from corporate training to  being the “video guy”.  I am responsible for capturing “Success Stories” of customers who have installed and use our products. The biggest thing that I’m struggling with now is telling a story that …(Read the rest)

What are Eyelines and Why Should You Care?

Here is a video that I shot after reading your book. Most woodworking videos are painfully boring, but I and another woodworker are trying to change that. Can you give me any more tips? –Brian I have to admit it did not take …(Read the rest)