Shooting a Boxing Match Three Ways

I’m new to video recording/ photography and just bought your book…ITS GREAT! How would you shoot a live amateur boxing event if there is only one videographer and his DSLR? I read that you should not keep the camera continuously recording the whole time.  Should …(Read the rest)

Shoot What Interests You: 12 Tips to Keep Your Video from Sucking (#8)

“Shoot What Interests You” is number 8 in a series of 12 video tips to improve your video instantly. I recently watched a video blog post that featured an orchestra whose only instruments were iPhones. The players—it looked like there were about …(Read the rest)

What video camera should I buy? 5 Questions to Ask

People love to worry about equipment, as if the right camera will take a more interesting video than the wrong camera. It won’t. You can shoot a great movie on your cell phone, and a bad one on an IMAX rig.

Manufacturers release a new video camera every 27 seconds and everyone’s needs are different. Rather than recommend cameras, let’s list the questions you should ask yourself when shopping: