How to Shoot Vacation Video that Won’t Bore People to Death

When I was a kid, the Armbrusters had a slide projector.  Which meant that after every vacation they took, we’d troop dutifully to their house for endless carousels of badly-shot Kodachrome slides, narrated  live.  The slide show always seemed longer than …(Read the rest)

5 Tips for Father’s Day Video that Doesn’t Suck

Father’s Day Video.  Memorable–or as undercooked as the runny eggs and cold toast the kids bring Dad in bed?  Here are a five tips to improve the video you shoot this Father’s Day. 1. Find the Hero: Focus your attention on …(Read the rest)

Story as a Magical Organizing Force

I have a brain that likes things logical, nicely ordered and in line. You follow the rules, you get the result. I can’t get my head around the order of shots, stories and putting it all together. Once a week we go to the grandparents house …(Read the rest)

How to Shoot Kids and Animals

“Never work with kids or animals” goes the old showbiz saying.  And it makes sense.  It’s nearly impossible to get exactly what you want—and when you do, the cute kid or animal will get all the credit for being adorable.  You’ll …(Read the rest)

The Recital: Short Shots vs. Parental Love

Recently I was asked to shoot the piano recital of my friend’s seven-year-old. Her total performance time (including walking on stage, playing, and bowing and exiting) was just about 2 minutes. I get your advice about short shots, but how can you tell parents …(Read the rest)