The Devils Ride and the Big Apple

This post consists entirely of self-serving news.  Exciting news, but self-serving nonetheless. Those who wonder when we people in the entertainment business will just shut up about ourselves can look here to find something else to read. Motorcycles I’m executive producing …(Read the rest)

Can You have Video without Story?

This is james in the Bay Area. I recently bought your book. I appreciate your approach of putting many filmmaking concepts in smaller ‘chunks’ to understand. I consider myself a serious amatuer/semi-pro videographer/filmmaker and enjoy the technical side of dSLR technology. My interest seems to …(Read the rest)

Kick Your Video in the Butt with a Story

Hi Mr. Stockman, I bought your book last Saturday and read most of it yesterday.  I have a question about creating a video for an author. I plan to use your story formula for a book-signing that I shot on Saturday …(Read the rest)