What is a Hero? Lessons from “Ant-Man and the Wasp”

What is a hero? It’s who your story is about. Strong heroes make choices and take action. They have strong desires and goals. Watching them pursue those goals pulls us through the stor A mute woman rescuing a monster she’s in love …(Read the rest)

How to make a How-To Video, Part II: The Journey

In Part I of this post, we laid down the basics for How-To Video. Now lets go for mastery.  The key to which, as with so many other elements of video, is story. Think about your video as a real film, with …(Read the rest)

Writing better Video Scripts: The Rewrite

At my school, we have a weekly show called Bobcat Television. We write scripts and film all around the school.  I am one of the students involved. I was wondering if you have any advice on how we can improve our show.  Here is a …(Read the rest)

Intrigue is the Currency of Modern Entertainment

Intrigue is the currency of modern entertainment.  It’s the art of making people want to find out more. Skillful storytellers don’t get you to turn page after page by telling you what happens next.  They intrigue you– they get you to …(Read the rest)