The Truth About Viral Videos: You Can’t Shine Sh*&

LA Times reporters bought 62,000 “views” for this video for about $100.  It’s 1:47 of paint drying.   Two weeks ago, LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich was caught buying at least 650,000 views on YouTube for his upcoming campaign for District …(Read the rest)

Welcome to the Entertainment Industry

Since I started working on the book, I’ve been checking the Youtube top 100 videos list semi-regularly. Turns out that close to 85% of the videos that score big are made by pros. Of the remaining 15%, a few– maybe 5% …(Read the rest)

20% Of Online Video Viewers Give Up After 10 Seconds

“20% Of Online Video Viewers Give Up After 10 Seconds” That was the headline on a “chart of the day’ from While this figure is shocking and undoubtedly true, a look at the “average” video en masse is not particularly …(Read the rest)