How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck

Webcast: Why Bad Video Happens to Good Causes

Do you run a non-profit?  How’s your video storytelling?  Want to make it better?

If you answered “yes” and “meh” to the first two questions, the answer to that last one should be “Duh.” (Students of this blog will recognize here what we in the media business call a “rhetorical” question. Though I’m told there are some outside the media business who also call it that.)

I’m co-leading a webcast later this month with my friend Andy Goodman to help good causes in need of video improvement. We’ll talk about ten reasons why bad video keeps happening to good causes.  We’ll show you how to produce video your audience will want to watch and build a stronger video culture in your organization on a nonprofit’s budget.

“Why Bad Video Happens to Good Causes,” September 22nd from 11a-12n Pacific (2-3p Eastern). Tuition is just $49.50 per person, group discounts are available, and you can reserve your space here.

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