Intent in Action

Let’s approach this lesson on “intent in action” backward.  Before you watch this great video from singer/songwriter Kina Grannis watch the “making of” video below (I promise you’ll still like the video when we get to it) Notice that over the …(Read the rest)

Can You have Video without Story?

This is james in the Bay Area. I recently bought your book. I appreciate your approach of putting many filmmaking concepts in smaller ‘chunks’ to understand. I consider myself a serious amatuer/semi-pro videographer/filmmaker and enjoy the technical side of dSLR technology. My interest seems to …(Read the rest)

Fixing Audio Cuts

Dear Steve– I am reading your book and have an urgent question about sound. I’ll be taking video of an upcoming family celebration. If I follow your advice to shoot short shots, I’ll be starting and stopping the camera a lot. I …(Read the rest)

Cuts. Just Cuts.

Yes, you got a new editing program that does dissolves, star-shaped wipes, spiral dissolves, clock wipes digital bouncing block transitions and more. When you watch a movie, or network TV, do you see any of those effects?  No.  Why not?  Because …(Read the rest)