Capturing Emotion on Video

I bought your book via Amazon kindle.  I have my first wedding to shoot next week. My intention is to capture the momentum leading up to the wedding, the wedding itself, and party celebration, focusing on capturing as much emotion, people as possible. Any …(Read the rest)

School Video that Doesn’t Suck

In my job, I’m expected to shoot school video of many programs (musicals, plays, etc.) How can I make these videos not suck and please parents who want to see their children performing with the group? –Kyle Parents are tough, and any video …(Read the rest)

Better Video with “How?”

In every project,you’ll reach a point where something isn’t working. That’s when you need to ask “How?” How might I show his fear? How might I make this funny? How might I shoot when there’s a car in the way? Learning …(Read the rest)

Better Video with “Why?”

Want better video? Try asking yourself “Why” and see what happens.  Sometimes people will look at you a little funny, but remember that you don’t need to ask out loud. “Why shoot this video?” leads to answers like “to remember our …(Read the rest)

Video Sound in a Loud Room

Is there a fix for trying to get decent video sound in a loud room such as a nightclub? Some cameras have a limiter in them that clamps down on the sound levels but leave you with wimpy sound, while others are totally …(Read the rest)

The Rock and Roll of Art

We finished shooting the 4th episode of our new Food Network series $24 in 24 Hours in Cleveland on Thursday.  Last stop:  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I spent 9 years of my life working in Rock radio, going …(Read the rest)