Dealing with Lousy Actors

I got your book for Christmas and I LOVE it !! :)  I’m 15 years old and this coming summer I am gonna be shooting my first HUGE movie!! (I have made many movies before but never one so planned and big) So I …(Read the rest)

Video is Never finished…

“Video is never finished.  It’s just taken away.”  I don’t remember where I first heard this old saying, but I wish I had said it.  Do I get to take credit for it if I repeat it a lot?  Probably not, …(Read the rest)

Am I Using B-Roll Right?

I was once taught that B-roll is best cut in 3’s, but in this piece I couldn’t get that to work with the pacing on the dialogue. Does the edit feel forced in this piece? What other “rules or tips” of …(Read the rest)

Video vs. Real Life

Several readers forwarded this video. It’s a great example of the principle of intrigue. Notice how the video sets up a game with the viewer– how will writer Charlene DeGuzman’s key point be revealed in each shot?  Once we know what …(Read the rest)

Breaking the “Rules” of Video

While I liked the direct approach of your book, I have questions about the rules. 1) You say: Don’t ever use digital zoom.  But there are situations where you can’t walk closer to your subject.  Filming wildlife, concerts, Being at the …(Read the rest)