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Video Boot Camp for Teachers: Free!

Just in time for the new school year: the new FREE, downloadable Video Boot Camp Guide for Teachers.

The booklet includes 5 one-hour lessons you can use to bring video literacy to your classroom.  If you don’t have 5 hours, try one lesson– or maybe two.  When it’s time to watch those videos play back, you’ll be glad you did!

The guide is yours to read, play with and reproduce– no charge. No registration of any kind is required.

Click here or the cover below to see the PDF.

Comments welcome.  If you like it, please share with all of your teaching friends!

Click the cover for the free PDF.

4 thoughts on “Video Boot Camp for Teachers: Free!

  1. Must sign up as a premium member to Scribd to download? Why don't you just give a direct link to download the file? Why use Scribd?

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