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Downloadable Video Bootcamp for Teachers and Trainers

Way back when (okay, a couple of weeks ago) I posted our new FREE Video Bootcamp for Teachers and Trainers– 5 hours of classroom lessons you can use with your students/employees to make their video better.

Since then, I’ve received more than a few complaints about posting it on  I thought it made it convenient and look kind of nice on the blog, but I’m told it’s hard for people to download the original PDF.

Problem solved.  Download the PDF right here, right now.  Nothing to buy, no email address to leave.



Click this link to download the Video Bootcamp PDF.

And please feel free to share the link– or download and email directly to your favorite teacher!

 Teachers:  Questions on how to use video in the classroom?  Ask them here!

16 thoughts on “Downloadable Video Bootcamp for Teachers and Trainers

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  2. Hi Steve:
    That is an awesome resource for teachers. Often, it is hard for "old fogies" to keep up with technology. But, as we all know, video is "everything" now. Kids LOVE to watch video and what better way to integrate what they love with what teachers love (to teach).

    We incorporated a professional video for people looking for singing lessons in honolulu and might have to make some instructional videos for students to watch on their own time.

    OK, I'll stop blabbing:( Thanks again for the resource!


  3. Great! Please share! And if you (oh reader) ARE a teacher, I’d love to know if you’ve used the lessons and how they worked for you.

  4. When you tell students to turn off all special effects on their cameras and use the editing software for incorporating effects, do you also recommend setting the camera for full-time 1080p? First use for my Panasonic was in beautiful Spain last last year, and imagine my dismay when I found out the default was 720p out of the box. :(

    • Luckily 720p looks pretty good on anything smaller than a 40″ screen! There’s no right or wrong answer for video resolution– it always depends on what you’re shooting. But yes, 1080 does seem like a good set-it-and-leave-it-there standard for now.

  5. Steve,

    I finished reading your book yesterday.

    Although everything you shared was amazing learning for me, but 2 things really stood out for me:
    1. Thinking in shots
    2. Beginning, middle and end – this is also what Steven Pressfield talks about while writing screenplays. (something special about the name Steven, haha).

    I will be using these techniques in shooting my videos (usually self shot).

    Thank you.

  6. STEVE! You have changed my life with this book. My husband got it for me in October, i finally recorded a video and its day and night compared to my old content. Thank You.

  7. Hi Steve, I’ve had your book on my shelf for a couple of years but have only recently really read it. Generally I avoid the ‘How to’ books; but yours is pretty darn good. It seems to be written along the KISS concept. Well done. I’m incorporating much of into my Digital Filmmaking classes.

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