Capturing Emotion on Video

I bought your book via Amazon kindle.  I have my first wedding to shoot next week. My intention is to capture the momentum leading up to the wedding, the wedding itself, and party celebration, focusing on capturing as much emotion, people as possible. Any …(Read the rest)

Fixing Audio Cuts

Dear Steve– I am reading your book and have an urgent question about sound. I’ll be taking video of an upcoming family celebration. If I follow your advice to shoot short shots, I’ll be starting and stopping the camera a lot. I …(Read the rest)

Why Shoot Better Video?

Why shoot better video?  A history lesson: All technology starts in the “Gee Whiz” stage.  That’s where you get points just for having something that can do that…whatever it is.  The first working escalator was installed at Coney Island as a …(Read the rest)