How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck

Great Video Transcends Equipment

Great video transcends equipment.  You can shoot an awesome film on your cell phone, or a terrible video on a Panavision digital rig with a crew of 200.

Case in point:  This video, shot on a Nokia N8 Mobile phone.  It surely wasn’t edited on a mobile phone, but that doesn’t obscure the big idea:  great video comes from the brain, not the machine in your hand.

This video has a terrific sense of style, a clear organizing idea, and great music holding it together.  A complete tale in under 2 minutes.  Watch:

Thanks, Gretchen, for the tip!

3 thoughts on “Great Video Transcends Equipment

  1. Very Cool. I eventually want to get high end DSLR or video camera to shoot with but this really shows me that i can learn much "craft" with anything! Thanks for posting!


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