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Kick Your Video in the Butt with a Story

Hi Mr. Stockman,

I bought your book last Saturday and read most of it yesterday.  I have a question about creating a video for an author.

I plan to use your story formula for a book-signing that I shot on Saturday to promote my friend’s new book. I know my hero is the author. But will the video tell the story of how she breaks into a new genre of writing?  Or will it focus on the story of the book?  I’m confused.   Can you help me get to step two with my video?

Babs Hogan
Arlington, TX

The “formula” you’re talking about isn’t really mine.  It’s some guy named Aristotle. He said that every story has to have a hero, a beginning, middle and end.  You can use that formula regardless of what your story choice is.

If the story is about the “author’s transformation as a writer” the beginning might be her talking about her new interest in the subject.  The middle might be the story of her struggle to get the book published, the end might show her speaking at a bookstore.

If it’s the story of the book, presumably like all great books it has it’s own hero, beginning middle and end.

It doesn’t matter WHAT the story is as long as it interests you.  Brainstorm a few stories– in phrases or sentences, describe the beginning, middles and end for each.  Which is the most entertaining to you?  Use that one.

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