Shooting Crew-Free

I make educational videos for computer enthusiasts on YouTube, but I have to do everything myself. Lighting, sound, script, talent, editing, posting, video description, video thumbnail, marketing…  Problem is, without a crew, shots have to stay static. I can use digital zoom, but it …(Read the rest)

Limited Resources for Shooting Video

I am an absolute video newbie and am now filming my Church’s small service on Sundays. I have a basic camcorder, but our resources are few.  There is lots of movement and many things/events happening unexpectedly that are important to capture. …(Read the rest)

Video is Never finished…

“Video is never finished.  It’s just taken away.”  I don’t remember where I first heard this old saying, but I wish I had said it.  Do I get to take credit for it if I repeat it a lot?  Probably not, …(Read the rest)

Am I Using B-Roll Right?

I was once taught that B-roll is best cut in 3’s, but in this piece I couldn’t get that to work with the pacing on the dialogue. Does the edit feel forced in this piece? What other “rules or tips” of …(Read the rest)

Cuts. Just Cuts.

Yes, you got a new editing program that does dissolves, star-shaped wipes, spiral dissolves, clock wipes digital bouncing block transitions and more. When you watch a movie, or network TV, do you see any of those effects?  No.  Why not?  Because …(Read the rest)