Video vs. Real Life

Several readers forwarded this video. It’s a great example of the principle of intrigue. Notice how the video sets up a game with the viewer– how will writer Charlene DeGuzman’s key point be revealed in each shot?  Once we know what …(Read the rest)

Your new best friend, Specificity

Let me introduce you to specificity, your new best friend. You guys want to be buddies because being more specific about what you’re shooting automatically improves almost any video. Instead of  the random tourist shots of“Our Vacation,” shoot the video “Samantha’s …(Read the rest)

A Demo Video that Works

This  demo video from Corning gets us excited about the future of glass.  Here are some lessons you can use in your next demo video: Think about structure:  The entire piece takes place over a single “normal” day. By putting us …(Read the rest)