Who Needs a Hero, Anyway?

I’m a pure novice at making movies, so your book was exactly what I was looking for!  I made one diving video from a point & shoot underwater camera and tried to use your tips, but I struggled with “the hero” – …(Read the rest)

Every Video Needs a Hero

When somebody asks you what a movie is about, you probably say something like this:  “It’s about a guy who decides to say ‘Yes’ to everything he’s asked to do” or “it’s about a girl who gets flown to another world …(Read the rest)

Every Video Needs a Story

Hey, Steve– Some of my friends and I shot this film a couple months ago. Since then I’ve read your book,  Could you tell us what we’re doing wrong and how not to make videos that suck in the future? Thanks. Max There’s much …(Read the rest)