Audience Focused Video

Hey Steve, I’m a brand new Realtor in a small coastal town in Florida. Understanding that more and more people are viewing video as opposed to reading a bunch of stuff on line, and with a very limited budget, I bought …(Read the rest)

Quick Storyboards

In days of yore, one needed to be able to draw storyboards to get a good idea what a video would look like before shooting it. Luckily, it’s way past yore.  Now you can whip out a digital camera (in this …(Read the rest)

What’s Your Intent? (p. 25)

From How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck, Page 25: Before you shoot your next video, brainstorm a long list of why you’re doing it and how you want to treat the audience. Select the most useful thoughts from your list and …(Read the rest)