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Intrigue is the Currency of Modern Entertainment

Intrigue is the currency of modern entertainment.  It’s the art of making people want to find out more.

Skillful storytellers don’t get you to turn page after page by telling you what happens next.  They intrigue you– they get you to turn the page by making you wonder what happens next.  That act of wondering– of needing to know– is what makes you stay with the story.

And so it is with all video.  Intrigue keeps you tuned in.  A commercial or sales video can’t just tell you about the product.  If I open my video about, say, my really cool book with a 2 minute explanation of why you should buy it, you’ll be gone in 10 seconds.  But if I show you tips you can actually use right now to shoot better video, you’ll be intrigued enough to stick around.  And you’ll come to your own conclusions about the book’s worth.

In this Anchor Brewing Company video (from a series we created and produced with our partners at Redtail Media), the whole “plot” is intrigue– you have no idea what the characters are doing until the very end.  That intrigue keeps you wondering…and learning about Anchor Small Beer.

How can you raise questions and add intrigue to your next video?

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